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Price Kitchens remains the number one kitchen company in Addington, providing clients within the area with excellent fitted kitchens and expert advice surrounding the kitchen industry. We are a family run business and have gathered the required experience over time to know the industry inside out. We provide exceptional services to clients who need new kitchens fitted due to problems with their old kitchen or who simply desire a new style. Whatever the clients’ personal specifications, Price Kitchens are capable of providing a number of different kitchen styles accompanied by expert, trustworthy advice. We have over 30 years experience providing kitchen services to clients across the South East and have been part of the trade since 1979. Our unrivalled service means we can compensate for any budget with the prices we offer.

The kitchens we provide can be both contemporary style supply only and a more traditional custom manufactured style, meaning we are able to suit the requirements of a variety of different personal preferences. Our design process is altered by the clients’ specifications, meaning you won’t be disappointed by the kitchen we provide for you. We make the most of the latest kitchen design software at Price Kitchens to further enhance the accuracy and detail of our clients’ preferences. We then supply kitchen furniture with our own transport techniques before trained professionals install the furniture for you.


Our level of experience designing, supplying and installing kitchens is unrivalled. We are a local company who maintain the highest level of courtesy towards all our clients throughout Addington and its surrounding areas. We are extremely well qualified and utilise the services of highly skilled staff members on a regular basis, whether that be to deliver your kitchen from our designated factory or to carry out the installation process.  Our showroom, which houses a variety of kitchen styles and furnishings, also contains a specialist 3D design system for our clients to design their dream kitchen for us to work with.

Price Kitchens are more than happy to discuss kitchen preferences and requirements with our clients personally. Our team of professionals are more than equipped to answer your questions about kitchen design and installation with the utmost courtesy and efficiency. We have left customers in Addington feeling satisfied with our work in both retail and trade sectors so we look forward to exceeding your expectations when you contact us for our dedicated services.

We have supply only kitchens available from just a few hundred pounds, all the way through to bespoke designed, fully installed and project managed kitchens.


The finished result in our kitchen worktops is truly stunning.
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