Electrolux Kitchen Appliances

Price Kitchens are premier partners of major kitchen appliances manufacturer Electrolux. We make the most of their high quality products to provide our clients with outstanding contemporary kitchen appliances. Electrolux use the latest technological advancements to create highly efficient kitchen appliances that maximise your kitchen experience. Being your premier Electrolux kitchen appliances dealer in Purley Way, Croydon, we are sure to find the ideal kitchen design to suit the requirements of your new or existing kitchen.

Electrolux manufacture high quality appliances that boost the atmosphere of any kitchen space. Creating the ideal atmosphere in a kitchen is vital, especially when looking to meet the requirements of specific clients. Kitchens for larger family households require increased space whilst experienced chefs will require a kitchen that offers the best cooking appliances. The kitchen appliances from Electrolux that we have to offer can inspire you to become more creative whilst also making your kitchen look great in the process.

To find out more about the range of Electrolux appliances we can supply, either for your individual home kitchen or for contract kitchen projects, please get in touch with us today.

I felt I must write to you to pass on my congratulations on the assistance with the design and supply of the units for my kitchen. My plans were developed to take into account my ‘no compromise’ view of some of the elements such as top hung doors to tall units and avoiding handles where possible. I confirmed the plans and the units were manufactured and duly delivery as arranged for me to install. The end result has been exactly what I had envisaged and expected.