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Cornell Blue Kitchen from Price Kitchens

Neutral and white kitchens may be perennial favourites but what if you want to inject a more vibrant style and personality into the space? Let’s take a look at you to introduce splashes of bold colour into your kitchen to add energy and warmth.

1 – Bright and bold accessories

If you’re stuck with a neutral cream kitchen colour and wish to brighten the place up a bit, kitchen accessories are the easiest way to do it. Pick a beautiful colour that contrasts nicely with your cabinets – bright orange, sophisticated teal, luscious green or girly pink perhaps.

Once you’ve chosen your feature colour, start changing up your crockery or utensils, soft furnishings, lamps, pictures and other room decorations. You can be as timid or bold as you like, go for a single accent colour or mix in strong patterns too.

Don’t forget your appliances. If you’re bored with white or stainless steel, consider colourful alternatives such as these gorgeous SMEG fridges and freezers that come in a wide range of bold colours and patterns.


2 – Colourful walls

You can also set off a white, neutral or grey kitchen against a colourful background to great effect. This can be done in several ways:

  • Paint is an inexpensive way to transform your kitchen. Choose a colour that works well with the space, bearing in mind that darker hues can make a kitchen look smaller while brighter shades can add a sense of space. A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year and well worth a look.
  • Kitchen tiles can be used in a myriad of ways to enhance your kitchen. There’s a wealth of choice available in different colours, patterns and textures to suit all tastes.
  • Wallpaper is another option – just make sure you choose a product that is suitable for use in high humidity areas such as kitchens. Make a bold statement with a quirky pattern, interesting motif or new texture.

3 – Bold colour kitchens

For a real style statement and to really get creative with colour, grab the bull by the horns and invest in a new kitchen in a vibrant colour choice. From sunny yellow to fiery red, dark blue or high gloss purple kitchens, there’s a wide range of colours to choose from.

Of course, Price Kitchens can guide you through all the options to find the best kitchen for your requirements. Why not contact us on 020 8686 9006 or pop into the showroom and see what we have on offer?

Odyssey Aubergine Kitchen from Price Kitchens

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