4 Top Kitchen Trends in 2016

Author: PriceK

Are you thinking of a new kitchen this year? Looking for ideas on how to enhance or transform the heart of your home? Take inspiration from these hot new trends that are set to be big in 2016.

High Gloss

High gloss finishes became popular in kitchen design several years ago and the trend has never been stronger. Its sleek, contemporary appeal works well in any space, and it’s hygienic and easy to keep clean too. High gloss can create dramatic contrasts, especially against a neutral or dark palette or against natural textures, such as wood grain. Choose bold reds or berry tones as accent colours, or pure white for its sense of cleanliness and sensibility.

Eclipse Cappuccino Gloss

Country Contemporary

Imagine a warm and welcoming country kitchen that’s anything but twee. This trend mixes vintage and traditional dark wood with soft pastel colours. If you don’t want your kitchen to appear overly clinical and want to bring some warmth back, this look may work really well for you. Think pale blue, soft lemon or minty green paired with walnut or mahogany to create a homely space that is bang up to date.

Open Plan

We all know that kitchens aren’t just for cooking, they’re the heart of the home where everything happens! Whether you eat or socialise, work, study or relax, why not create a space that enables you to do it all? Integrating your living, dining and kitchen areas means that your kitchen design needs to have the flexibility and convenience to make it all possible. Look for multifunctional kitchen designs that include breakfast bars, kitchen islands or peninsulas that can be used for food preparation, casual dining or home working. Entertain your guests while you’re cooking, supervise the kids’ homework, watch TV while you prepare dinner… the trick is to really make the kitchen the hub of your home so everyone can join in.

More Storage

As every kitchen designer will tell you, there’s no such thing as too much storage. A cluttered kitchen not only looks untidy, it is difficult to keep clean too. When it comes to designing a new kitchen, maximising and optimising storage is key. In 2016, clutter free workspaces and clever storage solutions are finally given the importance they deserve. From multi-use appliances, hidden cupboards and handle-less drawers and pull-outs that are operated with a single touch, there’s a place for everything and everything has its place. Goodbye messy worktops and crammed cupboards, hello smart storage and clean workspaces!


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