5 cookery books to read this summer

Author: Claire

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Whether you’re at home with the kids off school, or you’ve gone away for some summer rest and relaxation, maybe you’ll have time to pick up a book. If you do, how about a delicious cookery book to inspire you to get more creative in the kitchen?

At Price Kitchens, we’ve put together a mouthwatering selection of our favourite recipe books that not only look beautiful on your open kitchen shelving, but might give you some new ideas for weekday family meals, dinner parties or BBQs in the garden.

1 – Berber & Q by Josh Katz

Josh Katz, owner of two Berber & Q restaurants in London, is arguably one of London’s hottest chefs. This is his first cookbook and it focuses on barbecue recipes with Middle Eastern twist. Incorporating simple yet decadent recipes that are far from the usual bangers and burgers, here you’ll find imaginative meat and fish dishes, mezze and vegetable sides, ideas for alfresco brunch, desserts and even cocktails. If this doesn’t spark alfresco cooking, nothing will!



2 – La Grotta Ices by Kitty Travers

Staying with the summer vibe, meet Kitty Travers, the UK’s queen of craft ice cream. From her famed south London ice cream shed, she produces an astonishing collection of creative concoctions of the frozen kind. Her recipes include refreshing sorbets and indulgent ice creams that are not only totally delicious, you can make them yourself at home with surprisingly little effort or equipment. A summer crowdpleaser if ever there was one!



3 – The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer

This recipe book features 75 vegan and vegetarian one-dish dinners that are cooked in the oven, requiring no more than placing the ingredients into a roasting tin, then sitting back and waiting. If ‘lazy cooking’ is your idea of heaven, then this book could easily be your bible. There are quick, medium and slow dishes to produce mouthwatering meat free feasts for your friends and family, and all without lots of pots and pans to wash up afterwards. Result!




4 – A Love of Eating by Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones

A bright, bold book put together by the owners of Tart London, pop-up kitchen pros and boutique caterers to the stars, there are scrumptious ideas aplenty for picnics, barbecues and outdoor eating and much else besides. Written by and for food lovers, a wealth of flavours from around the world combines with a relaxed, fuss free approach to cooking to create recipes for all occasions you will definitely want to try.



5 – Bish Bash Bosh! by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

Writers of the best selling vegan cookbook of all time, here are 140 recipes that are 100% plant based but designed to please everyone, including the most sceptical carnivores. From quick snacks to indulgent feasts, plant based packed lunches to the full Christmas dinner, this book will show you how versatile cooking with veg can be. Why don’t you try it and see – you might just surprise yourself at how little you miss the meat!

If you need inspiration to help you fall in love with your kitchen again, or are thinking of a redesign, Price Kitchen are here to give you all the assistance you need. Why not pop into our large showroom and chat to one of the team? Call 020 8686 9006 to book a free consultation.

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