5 Fab Appliances That Can Transform Your Kitchen

Author: Claire

Whether you’re investing in a brand-new kitchen design or are simply upgrading a few key pieces in the heart of the home, spare a thought for your kitchen appliances. From cooling to cooking and much more besides, it’s important to keep the functionality of your appliances up to date so they can easily meet the demands of your daily life. Technology is constantly evolving, which is a good thing because it means the new machines are better able to prepare food and enhance the way we live. But what should you choose?

Here at Price Kitchens, we know a thing or two about the latest appliances. Why not pop into the showroom to take a look and have a chat with our friendly team? Here are five popular appliances and technologies that our team particularly love right now.

1 – Induction Hobs

Convenience, safety and ease of use in a kitchen design is key for our busy modern lives. An induction hob has a reflective, flat appearance that blends seamlessly into your worktop. Intelligent induction technology allows the pan to heat up quickly, while the use of flexible cooking zones means you can use different sized pans with an even heat distribution. The magnetic field that is created between the base of your cookware and the induction elements ensures that the pan is heated directly. The hob turns off when there is no pan on the surface, meaning there’ll be no accidentally leaving the gas on, and the kitchen will have a greater energy efficiency. Click here to see our buyers guide to hobs.

2 – Instant Hot Water Taps

When you need boiling water in a hurry, why not install a kitchen tap that gives you boiling water on demand? Opting for a boiling water tap takes waiting out of the equation, with instant hot water for making tea or coffee, cooking pasta or vegetables. It’s a smart and handy solution to streamline your kitchen surfaces, and can be more efficient (and by that we mean less expensive to run) than using a kettle. Quooker are the best-known supplier of instant hot water taps, and the Quooker Flex tap has the added advantage of an extendable pull-out hose that makes filling large pans super easy. It’s also great for easy rinsing. Take a look at our buyers guide to kitchen taps here.

3 – Wine Coolers

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate a good bottle, but a good wine storage solution is key. Perfect for entertaining, a dedicated wine cooler can add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. Available in a range of sizes and as integrated or freestanding appliances, a wine fridge provides the perfect combination of style and functionality. Look out for useful features such as angled, adjustable shelving, dual temperature zones, humidity control and UV protection to keep your wine in top condition, and read our blog on the benefits of having a wine cooler here. Also visit our buyers guide for fridges and freezers.

4 – Cooker Hoods

Good ventilation can make all the difference to your kitchen ambiance, especially if you’ve opted for an open plan design and are not keen on cooking smells wafting up the stairs! Integrated cooker hoods can complement a modern, linear design, while a stylish chimney or island cooker hood is perfect above a large hob. Choose between extraction and recirculation technology, and look out for advanced features such as LED lights or wireless controls that elevate your humble kitchen fan into an aspirational appliance for the modern home. Take a look at our buyers guide for cooker hoods here.

5 – Smart Kitchen Tech

With modern technology revolutionising our homes, kitchen appliances are now using wireless internet connectivity to do the hard work for us. Take the pressure off completing mundane household tasks and spend more time having fun cooking and socialising in your kitchen. You can preheat your oven with voice control, adjust the temperature in your fridge at the click of a button, start making your morning coffee while you’re still in bed and a whole lot more. NEFF Home Connect is one of several smart kitchen options to help you manage your oven, dishwasher and other home appliances via your WiFi. At Price Kitchens, we are proud to supply Neff appliances across the South East.

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