5 reasons to choose a laminate worktop for your kitchen

Author: Claire

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Did you know that the worktop is the single most used surface in your kitchen? When it comes to redesigning the area, the kitchen worktop will be a focal point of the room, providing a large and practical surface area for food preparation, cooking and storage. And, of course, it needs to look good too.

While there’s a vast choice available in terms of materials and finishes, you may be working to a budget, meaning premium worktop choices such as Corian, natural stone or hardwood timber are simply not possible. But fear not – there are good reasons why laminate worktops are fast becoming the most popular choice for modern kitchens all over the UK.

1 – Low cost

No question, in terms of cost per metre, laminate worktops offer the best value for money. Shop around for the best price as well as the best quality since not all laminates are the same. For expert advice on which kitchen worktop to choose, the friendly Price Kitchens team is always happy to help.

2 – Durable material

Laminate worktops are extremely hard-wearing and highly resistant to scratches, cracks and stains – more so than natural stone such as marble. For busy family kitchens, this is a very practical choice of worktop material. And should a replacement be necessary for whatever reason, it won’t break the bank.

3 – Hygienic properties

Compared to other, more expensive kitchen worktop materials including hardwood timber and many stones, laminate is one of the most hygienic surfaces you can choose. The plastic laminate coating completely seals the MDF core, so that no germs or bacteria can penetrate the surface.

4 – Vast choice

As a man-made material, laminate is available in an incredible range of colours and finishes, so you’re bound to find a worktop to complement the style and colour scheme of your new kitchen. Laminate worktops can easily mimic the look of wood, marble, granite and solid stone surfaces.

5 – Low maintenance

Laminate worktops require next to no looking after – a huge advantage compared to the periodic sanding, oiling or sealing required of more premium worktop materials. A simple wipe with a cloth and some household cleaner are all that’s needed to keep your worktop looking spick and span.

For more information about laminate worktops, why not pop into our large showroom and see our extensive selection of kitchen designs, accessories, fixtures and furnishings? Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have and provide professional advice.


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