5 ways to maximise your kitchen space

Author: PriceK

Do you have a lot of kitchen ‘stuff’? Is your kitchen a little on the bijoux side? Making optimal use of your kitchen space is not just good interior design practice, it’s plain common sense. Nobody likes clutter – so here are 5 tips to show you how to maximise storage.

1. Cupboard Space

It may sound obvious but are you using ALL your cupboard space to best effect? Just because you may not be able to reach it easily (too high? tucked away corner cupboard?) doesn’t mean you can’t use it for storing items you only use now and again. That fish kettle you got as a wedding present and hardly ever use? Yogurt maker? Chocolate fondue set? They all have to go somewhere. And with new kitchen designs incorporating a whole range of space saving storage solutions, there’s really no excuse.

2. Wall Space

Walls can be great for storing all manner of kitchen items, and we don’t just mean shelving. How about adding some fund and colour with funky vegetable baskets? Why not keep your stainless steel utensils and saucepans handy on a hanging rail near the cooker? If you have pretty porcelain or rustic crockery, you could display it for all to see and add a personal touch to your kitchen at the same time.

3. Window Sills

If you’re lucky enough to have a window with a nice deep sill in your kitchen, use it to bring the outside in. It’s the perfect place to grow herbs or even vegetables, giving you a fresh supply for use in your cooking. Start with garden cress or grow parsley, basil, mint or coriander, either from seed or as in shop-bought plant pots. It really couldn’t be easier.

4. Pantry

Here’s an old fashioned concept, but one that is now becoming popular again. If you have a spare cupboard or box room near the kitchen, turn it into a pantry for storing all your non-perishables. You don’t even need a window, although some ventilation (eg. an airbrick) would be useful.

5. Furniture Storage

For a space saving solution, why not invest in clever storage benches in your breakfast area? Sit comfortably in the kitchen while using the under bench storage for anything from tea towels and table cloths to picnic and party ware. Contemporary kitchen design is becoming increasingly multifunctional, so look out for many more clever ideas to make the most out of the space you have.

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