Adding Windows to Your Kitchen

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At Price Kitchens we understand that kitchens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, themes and colours and that every kitchen is different. In order to find your perfect kitchen it is not always about designing and building a huge kitchen with acres of space where all your different food groups have a different surface and where every appliance has its place. Not everyone has a giant kitchen, and more often than not your kitchen space will only make up a tiny portion of your home.

However it is a room in which we spend a good amount of our time fashioning meals, snacks and gifts for both ourselves and friends and family, so it should at least be pleasant to work in! When working in a kitchen, good lighting is incredibly important as when you can see better you have a lower chance of injuring yourself with sharp knives or heavy pots and pans.

If your kitchen is awkwardly placed in a nook or cranny or with an angled wall, why not install a skylight into the wall? It will increase the amount of light the kitchen gets and will also make the kitchen warmer and more cosy on sunny days.

Remo_Gloss_Almond_and_Chalk_BlueLarge bay windows also work for kitchens, as they bring more light into the room and can also overlook some beautiful views, depending on where in the house your kitchen is. Windows can also be used to great effect to open up a kitchen space and make it appear more spacious and welcoming.

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