Archways to improve the look of your Kitchen

Author: Kerri

Looking for an iconic way to add some innovative design into your kitchen? Why not incorporate an archway? Commonly associated with class and refinement, an archway is a beautiful way to add a subtle design makeover to a kitchen without having to completely remodel the kitchen.

Not too Low

Make sure to make the archway just prominent enough, if it is too low, your taller guests will see it as more of an obstacle than as a quirky design feature.

An Immediate Rustic Look

Archways have been used for countless centuries as a beautiful way to add a touch of class to a building and your kitchen can be no exception. Plus they will look fantastic with arched windows or small pothole windows if your kitchen is a little smaller than average.

Combining Kitchen and Dining Room

Whether you have an open plan kitchen and dining room or they are separated by a wall, incorporating an archway into the room will give the illusion that they are two separate rooms, while at the same time making the space in general appear larger. If your dining room is separate from your kitchen, it may be a good idea to knock a wall down if it is possible, to create a more generous illusion of space.

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