Assembling DIY Kitchen Furniture

Author: PriceK

Build it yourself DIY kitchens can be a godsend, or a poltergeist in disguise. If you have previous experience putting together self-assemble furniture then you’ll know it is not always as easy as it first appears in the instructions.

Make sure you have the proper bonding tools

Glue, hammers, screws, it is important to keep all of these to hand. You’ll want extras of everything, because the main idea is that once you’ve got the furniture assembled, it’s not likely that you’re going to be taking it apart again, even if you’re moving house. DIY assembly furniture is designed to be easily put together, so you’ll need some heavy glue to make sure that they stay together, just to be extra secure.

On your own or with an Experienced Friend

We’ve all heard the hilarious tales from Facebook of a bunch of friends putting up a bookshelf together, but while we see the funny pictures and the less-than-satisfactory result, these friends in question are busy fighting over the instructions and shouting ‘Let me do it! I’ve nearly got it!’ Right in each other’s faces and this is not nearly as fun. If you’re assembling some DIY kitchen furniture, try to do it on your own or with a friend who has some experience in assembling DIY furniture.

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