Autumn Cleaning

Author: PriceK

As the summer holidays draw to a close, whether you are a teacher, a teaching assistant, a babysitter, a parent or if you haven’t had a summer holiday at all, it may be time to start thinking about having another clear out of the kitchen cabinets.

Clearing out the whole house is commonly associated with the springtime, however if you only organise your fridge once a year you’ll have a pretty big build up of old food throughout that year, particularly if you’re a forgetful person. So remember:

Get rid of anything that has expired

Be harsh and be ruthless. You may feel like that cheese or those biscuits still have some life left in them, but if you’re not planning on eating them up in the next few days it is better to bin them.

Mop up those spills

Over time food items can sour, sweat and spill in the fridge so it is important to give your fridge a good wipe down every now and then. Make sure to take everything out of the fridge before cleaning the interior, as seemingly innocent foodstuffs can be hiding some nasty stains.

Clear out the cupboards!

Common household ingredients such as flour and sugar can sometimes sprinkle a fine layer of dust when moved and used in and out of cupboards. Seal these packages firmly and clear out the cupboards in order to properly clean them!

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