Avoid These Renovation Mistakes

Author: PriceK

There are a lot of pitfalls you can fall into when renovating any room in your house and the kitchen is certainly no exception. Whether you are simply planning on rearranging or repainting your kitchen, or your project is on a larger scale such as remodelling and redesigning the entire kitchen to create a beautiful kitchen design, fridge and all, it is important to do your research and never rush into things.

Making a mistake here and there may not seem like a big deal, but you may find that a few months later down the line you could be plagued with little problems and issues that can cost thousands to repair.

Overestimate your budget

Renovating is not always as simple as taking out the old and installing the new. You may need to conduct repairs on damaged walls or replace key structural parts of the kitchen.

Make sure you have a realistic budget estimation to cover all potential costs. If you’re planning on spending £10,000 make sure to have at least £15,000 ready and saved up in the case of emergency costs.


Make sure your measurements are correct!

You may not get it right the first time, so don’t take your first kitchen measurement as undisputed fact. Measure your kitchen several times, measure individual kitchen carcases and try to imagine how it will look like remodelled.

Print out your specs and make sure that they fit into your scheme. Mismeasuring can be a real pain when you end up with cabinets that are too large and no room for your fridge!


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