The benefits of a Neff Hide & Slide oven

Author: PriceK

If you have a small kitchen and every inch of space counts, perhaps consider getting a Neff Slide & Hide oven. With an innovative, unique design ideal for prospective chefs of all skill levels, the Slide & Hide oven is easy to use and clean.

The Slide & Hide is ideal for those with galley-style layout kitchens as it provides a great space-saving solution for when you need to quickly take things out of the oven or replace them if you’re on a baking spree.

With an ergonomic, revolving handle, the door is still accessible even as it is hidden away underneath the oven.

You can easily monitor and even taste test your food during the cooking process, perfect for pasta bakes and testing out simpler recipes such as nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Slide & Hide is renowned for its ease of access and safety, as by removing the oven door you eliminate the risk of burning exposed skin through accidental contact.

Gone are the days when you would have to carefully manoeuvre your arms around a chunky door when you can simply slide it down and out of sight!

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