The Benefits of Solid Composite Worktops

Author: PriceK

Solid composite worktops offer extreme flexibility and longevity when it comes to choosing a beautiful kitchen. Consisting of a man-made composite material, solid composite worktops are far more hard wearing than laminate worktops and can take much more of a battering. They are slightly more expensive than laminate worktops, but the money if certainly worth it when it comes to the lifespan of these beautiful worktops. They are also less expensive than pure stone worktops, making them ideal for any preferred budget.

More Sanitary

Solid composite kitchen worktops re seamless, meaning they offer seamless installation and nearly invisible joints. This means they have no small nooks and crannies where food crumbs or bacteria can hide, making them far more sanitary than other worktops.

Completely Non Porous

Solid composites are completely non-porous due to their consistency, requiring no special sealants or cleaners, meaning the material will not warp or bend over time and is not at risk of growing mould from un-kept spills.

High Durability

Consisting of a main core – similar to laminate worktops – the composite material has a much higher durability than a laminate worktop, meaning it is more solid and thick than a laminate worktop. In contrast to a laminate worktop, any scratches or stains can be easily removed by gently sanding the area and then wiping down with a warm wet cloth.

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