Bored in the Kitchen? Add a Fishtank!

Author: PriceK

If your current kitchen looks a little lacklustre, why not add a tropical flair to your kitchen by installing a small aquarium and let the fish keep you company! Whether you’re a big animal lover or you just want something small and simple to keep you occupied while your roast cooks for the weekend, an aquarium makes a lovely addition to any classical or contemporary kitchen.

Fish are easy to keep

As far as pets go, fish are some of the easiest pets to keep as they only need feeding every other day or so, they don’t take up much space and they don’t need walking! Make sure to clean your fish tank every week or every other week and replace the water by a 3rd every few weeks to keep it fresh. There are some fish that need temperature controlled aquariums, but these are easy to control with filters and the like.

Brighten up your Kitchen

Fish have that strange effect on some people. They way they swim about can entertain guests while they wait for tea and they can even have a calming effect. So if you’ve just spent 5 hours trying to get that old ricecake recipe just perfect, why not relax in front of the fish tank for a little while?

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