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Helpful hints and tips are never superfluous when you’re cooking in the kitchen! At Price Kitchens we take pride in providing beautiful kitchen designs and fitting and with a huge collection of kitchens and appliances, we want you to be able to try out your new kitchen as soon as possible.

Warm Plates

It may sound simple but it is surprising how often this little tip is overlooked. Simply warm your plates for a few minutes so that when you dish out the grub the cold plate doesn’t clash with the hot food. It’ll taste better and stay hotter for longer. Cold plates tend to let the food go cold before you’ve had a chance to try it all!

The Usefulness of Scissors!

Although normally used for cutting through paper or snipping the tops off of bags, having a pair of scissors in the kitchen is incredibly handy. Scissors can be used to quickly and efficiently cut green beans, spring onions and even pizza when you don’t have a pizza cutter handy! In fact cutting pizza with scissors is quick and in the case of stretchy cheese you don’t have to worry about smearing the toppings everywhere as might have been the case with a pizza cutter.

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