Checking your Accessories for Grease

Author: PriceK

When cooking in your kitchen, obviously surfaces are going to get dirty. A quick wipe round with a warm, soapy dishwater is often enough to kill off any germs that may be lurking from a cooking session. However it is also important to remember about any accessories or appliances that you have lying around, as they can collect cooking grease over time while it cooks and evaporates.

Much like a kitchen fan or a kitchen ceiling needs to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure that a build-up of grease doesn’t occur, you need to regularly check your accessories and ornaments to make sure that they are kept clean and free from grease.

Windowsill ornaments, microwave interiors and exteriors, scales and bread bins can all harbour nasty germs, so make sure you give them a good spritz with disinfectant every now and then. If your ornaments are not so fragile, you can always soak them or wash them in warm water and soap and towel dry them gently. More fragile ornaments might just need a spritz and then left to dry.

While kitchen ornaments and kitchen appliances can be both aesthetically pleasing and useful, it is important to make sure you are not harbouring any unwanted germs by keeping them clean.

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