Cleaning your Food

Author: PriceK

Cleaning Food is incredibly important and it is crucial to remember that a lot of our fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with pesticides, which can be harmful if ingested by humans. When in doubt, make sure to give it a clean! ‘Ready to eat’ and ‘pre-washed’ labelled foods should be fine to cook straight off the bat, however.

Cleanse your Mussels!
In order to give your mussels or clams a good clean, soak them in water with a few tablespoons of flour dumped in for about half an hour.

The mussels will open slightly to ingest the flour and any sand or grit contained in the meaty part of the mussel will be washed away by the water.

Counters and Chopping Boards
Always clean your counter tops and chopping boards both before and after using them.

Try to avoid using the same chopping board for meats and vegetables as although you may be completely certain it has been sufficiently sterilised after use, it is always best to be safe. Never wash fruits or vegetables using detergent!

Crisp, Clean, Cold Water
Some vegetables need to be rinsed, others need to be soaked for a few minutes. The thing they all have in common is that clear, cold water is the best way to go. Never use warm water for cleaning vegetables, it makes the greens lose their flavour and their oomph!

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