Cleaning with the Kids

Author: PriceK

Earlier this month we talked about making sure the kids stayed safe while cooking in the kitchen. Equally, if not more importantly, you should show them how to properly clear up after a baking session so as to avoid spillage and to prevent bacteria from growing.

Wiping Around and Under Surfaces

When teaching your kids to clean up after themselves it is important to remind them to wipe around and under affected surfaces as – especially if they have been using flour or other such ingredients – cooking has a tendency to get very messy! If you’re unsure about whether or not it needs cleaning it is better to clean it anyway!

Warm Soapy Water Works Wonders

It never fails! After you’ve cleaned up most of the mess, run the tap for a while until the water is fairly warm, and then fill a bowl with warm water, squeezing a few pumps of washing up liquid into the bowl.

Using a clean sponge wipe around the affected area and then wipe again with warm, non-soapy water to avoid sticky residue. This tip is particularly useful if you have laminate kitchen worktops as certain household cleaners could warp and discolour the laminate.

Soaking Pots and Pans

When soaking pots and pans to help remove sticky residue, make sure to emphasise that pots left to soak should not be left and forgotten about. Often if they are forgotten you go back to cold, disgusting water. Leave them to soak for around 15 minutes and then blast them with hot water before cleaning for maximum effect.

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