Cleaning your Kitchen Appliances

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Continuing with our theme for cleaning various areas of your kitchen, we have a look at the all important kitchen appliances. In office kitchens and shared student kitchens there are two appliances that will get regular use, and may not be cleaned as regularly as you would like. We have a look at some top tips on how to clean both the Microwave and the Kettle.


A great method for cleaning a microwave is to use the microwave itself to help make stuck on grease and stains easier to remove. Simply place a bowl of water inside the microwave, with a non-metal object such as a wooden spoon in the water bowl, and heat it in the microwave for around 3 minutes, letting the steam work into the stains to make them easier to remove.

The wooden spoon is essential as super heated water can explode if proper care is not taken, causing burns, so place a wooden spoon in the bowl and allow the water to sit for a moment after heating, then gently stir the water before finally removing it from the microwave for cleaning.

Alternatively you can place a couple of wet paper towels in the microwave, which also provides enough steam to soften the grime in your microwave. Afterwards, use the towels to wipe the rest of the grime and stains from the interior of your microwave.


Lime scale is one of the major problems found when kettles get a lot of use, and a build up of lime scale can prevent your kettle from working properly, and also gives the boiled water an odd taste. There are a couple of ways to reduce the build up of lime scale in a kettle and both work, depending which one you prefer to use.

Natural Method:
Fill up the kettle with equal parts vinegar and water and let this soak for around an hour. Lemon juice also works well! Boil the kettle afterwards and then empty the kettle entirely. Rinse the kettle through thoroughly before boiling it as usual for making tea and pot noodles!

Household Cleaner Method:
Fill the kettle with a mixture of water and diluted kettle-cleaning product. Boil the kettle and then leave it to soak. After a small period of about 20 – 30 minutes rinse the kettle with cold water.

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