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Whether you are more of a takeaway family, you like making instant meals in the microwave, or you are a true culinary genius, from time to time your kitchen floor will need cleaning. Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, time and use can make the kitchen floor incredibly dirty.

Clean kitchen floors are both hygienic and can help reduce the spread of infection, as well as reducing the risk of injury. A clean kitchen floor is a safe kitchen floor. Grit and stains can get underfoot, plus sticky areas of floor and liquid spills can pose a huge risk, particularly if you have a lot of people working in the kitchen at the same time.

Cleaning up these spills as soon as possible helps keep the kitchen hygienic, and reduces the risk of a spill related injury. Of course the risk is lower if it is just you working in the kitchen, but these things become much more important in relation to industrial sized kitchens, where there are several people working in a limited amount of space.

There are a variety of all purpose cleaners that you can use to regularly clean your kitchen floor, but depending on the material of your floor, you may want to dilute the solution, as all-purpose cleaners can be too strong for certain materials. Lemon juice and vinegar work as all purpose, home made cleaners, so long as you wash the floor with warm water afterwards and dab it dry to prevent staining from the acidic content of lemon juice and vinegar.

For hardwood flooring and laminate flooring, sweeping the area regularly helps to remove built up debris and can prevent the surface from getting scratched. Remember to use only a soft bristled broom for hardwood floors, and for laminate flooring, use only the brush tool of a vacuum cleaner, or a dry dust mop, as brooms will scratch the laminate flooring.  Sweeping the area every few days can hugely reduce the risk of your flooring getting scratched and stained.

Whether your kitchen is just for you, or you own a series of industrial sized kitchens, specially built for high-turnover restaurants, it is important to keep your floors clean at all times. Safety is security!

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