Cleaning Your Kitchen’s Rubbish Bin

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Rubbish bins are regularly used to discard out of date food, scraps, empty wrappers and everything else that needs throwing away. So over time there can become a build up of residue and condensation or water from the products in the base of the bin. If your rubbish bin is a push top bin, food can get stuck in the hinges of the lid, and the same goes for flip top bins. It is important to clean your rubbish bin every few weeks, because the build up of water residue and food waste in the corners of the bin can lead to mould and bad odours emanating from the within. Here are some top tips to help you with the regular cleaning of your bin!

Give it a Bath

Where do you normally clean yourself? In a bath or shower! Some bins may be too big for basins or to wash in one sitting, so place your rubbish bin in the bath, removing any necessary parts, before giving it a good clean. This way you won’t get water everywhere when cleaning the bin.

Spray down the bin with disinfectant or your average household cleaner, taking care to ensure that the spray gets into all the tough-to-get nooks and crannies of the bin. If your bin has a lid, make sure to give this a thorough cleaning too!

Warm Soapy Water

If you get into the habit of regularly cleaning your bin, a simple wipe down with warm soapy water should be able to clean your rubbish bin thoroughly without the need for stronger disinfectants or cleaners.

Shower Down and Dry

Rinse the bin out with a pulse from the showerhead and towel dry it. Ensure that the bin is completely dry before putting any removable parts back into the main bin.

Bag it!

Many households re-use plastic shopping bags as bin bags, and although it is not used everywhere, it is definitely a good habit to get into. Lining the bin with a plastic bag makes it much easier to clean, as your bin is only a container for the plastic bag which holds the rubbish and therefore holds much less residue than if your bin acted as a container for the rubbish alone. Plus when your bin gets full, simply tie off the bag and replace it with a new one, easy!

Get into the habit of cleaning your bin regularly, and those bad smells will be gone in no time! For a great range of contemporary kitchens, Price Kitchens has all the storage space you’ll need for a clean and clear kitchen!

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