Cleaning your Refrigerator – It is Important!

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Your fridge; is the solution to so many food-related problems. The humble refrigerator is an essential part of everyday life.  But how often do you think about cleaning your fridge? Unless you are a middle-aged parent with working experience of ‘when fridges go wrong’ or you are an enthusiastic house-proud cleaner, a fridge is one of the things that many of us forget to clean on a regular basis. But why? It is bound to get dirty, like any other appliance, and it is a place where we store food, which is exactly why we make sure kitchen countertops and tables are cleaned regularly. Whether in a quaint rustic kitchen or an industrial-sized restaurant kitchen, for some reason, fridges are often overlooked.


It is important to regularly clean your fridge, or at least give it a wipe down, because of the build-up of mould and spillage from various perishable items kept in the fridge. Often we will forget to properly close a tub of butter, or will simply let a bag of lettuce stew in the fridge for a week and a half before pulling its decaying leaves from the bottom drawer. These little moments of carelessness will build up, often in the bottom of your fridge, and will leave a residue.

If your fridge seems to have a bad smell emanating from it, first check to see if nothing has expired, then make sure to give it a thorough wiping down. The smell is probably from leftover residue lurking at the bottom of the fridge and in the corners of the shelves.

Top to Bottom

Clean the fridge from Top to Bottom, because as you wipe down each surface, some residue may fall through the cracks in the shelving and fall down to the next level. If you start from the bottom up, chances are you’ll have to clean the whole fridge again once you finish the top layer.

If you have removable shelves in your fridge, taking them all out will make your job a lot easier. Fill a basin with warm soapy water and soak the trays in this for about ten minutes, then wipe down the trays and dry them properly before replacing them.


Like many other appliances, your fridge may be subject to condensation from time to time. It is important to regularly clean your fridge to prevent the build-up of mould from condensation.

Of course, if you think your fridge might be reaching the end of its useful life, or you just fancy a change with something more modern and energy efficient, check out our range of state-of-the-art fridges and freezers in our appliance product range.

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