Clearing up Afterwards with the Kids

Author: PriceK

Cooking is not an elitist sport. Anybody can give it a go, no matter how old or inexperienced, and it makes a great way to pass the time with kids. However children can often get so caught up in the ‘making’ part of the cooking that they forget to clear up afterwards!

By teaching your children about the importance of clearing up after you cook from an early age, you’ll prevent a lot of mishaps happening in the future should they choose to have friends round for a few late night baking sessions! Often letting your children around the kitchen unsupervised is not the main fear that parents have; it is the fear that they will be the ones clearing up afterwards!

Whenever you prepare or cook a simple meal with your children, whether they are just watching and learning or they are actively helping, stress the importance of clearing up after yourselves, particularly the importance of wiping down surfaces and of washing your hands afterwards. This forward thinking may save you years of unwashed dishes in the future!

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