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When it comes to having a kitchen you can truly be proud of, there are a huge variety of options depending on the needs of your family, the space you have available, whether you want to entertain guests etc. etc. Some clients prefer smaller, more compact kitchens whereas others will prefer open spaces kitchens that combine with their dining room or even conservatory.

If you have a designated ‘meal space’ it may be a good idea to combine your kitchen and dining room. With a number of older – Victorian – properties, the kitchen and dining room were separated as they were separate worlds from each other; one belonging to the servants, the other to the master/mistress of the house. In today’s society the kitchen and dining room are very much synonymous as cooking has moved into becoming more of a ‘family’ activity to be shared and treasured.

By combining your kitchen and your dining room, you open up a number of possibilities as well as creating a larger general space. You can create matching tones for the counters of your kitchen with the dining table, or even have a breakfast bar at the kitchen that substitutes for a dining table and do away with the dining room in its entirety. You also create a sense of unity in the rooms, giving the kitchen/dining room a more family friendly atmosphere, as opposed to the more formal atmosphere given off by solitary dining rooms in the past.

However combining a kitchen and a dining room is not for everyone. It can be nice to have a specific area set up for formal meals and special events. You simply have to do what feels right for your family, when looking at kitchen renovations. Need advice on a refurbishment or kitchen redesign? Why not call our experts on 020 8686 9006 and see how we can help?

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