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It can be difficult to find the right supplier for bespoke, first class contract kitchens, particularly if you have a certain budget you have to stick to. With assistance from the professional designers and fitters at Price Kitchens, you can find the perfect set of contract kitchens for your new building or development project.


When you consider contract kitchens for a building project, you are able to create a uniform ‘design’ for the kitchen, which makes it easier to build and install in large quantities. You will also be able to save money on the cost for materials, as bulk orders normally work out cheaper than simply buying single units.

Where are they used?

We provide our contract kitchen range for a wide variety of clients, including housing associations, local authorities, new-build or refurbishment developments, schools and even community centres. By creating a uniform, yet sleek design look, we are able to provide a first class kitchen range for our clients that is both state-of-the-art and affordable.

We cater to projects of all sizes, from individual projects to high end long term projects and with a selection of colours, materials and finishes to choose from, you have a complete scope of design ideas to create kitchens that really reflect your aim.

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