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There are a number of ways in which we utilise cleaning techniques passed down through generations or through word of mouth, but often we use these cleaning techniques so often that we don’t even think twice before utilising them. So what happens if you wanted to give some advice for those who aren’t so sage on the subject of kitchen cleanliness?

At Price Kitchens we as interior designers work hard to ensure that the kitchen suits your needs best, so with a range of kitchens from contemporary to classic, including a range of adaptive kitchens, we will find your dream kitchen. Keeping it clean can be tough from time to time, but it is always good to get some advice from those older and wiser than ourselves.

Mum’s Advice:

Tip 1 :
If you accidentally drop a glass or a plate and it shatters everywhere, don’t panic!

Clean the glass up as best you can and then grab a wodge of play-doh or white tac that you have lying around ( it may be best to keep some for this occasion if you’re prone to dropping things) press the Play-Doh into the area where the glass shattered and it should catch the tiny piece of glass you otherwise may have missed. Easy!


Tip 2:
If you happen to be in the mood for some spontaneous baking but your butter is still in the fridge and is rock hard, to make it easier to mix, simply use a good old cheese grater. It  will soften the butter into strips which then  can be blended seamlessly into your mixture!

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