Cool & clever kitchen storage ideas

Author: Claire

‘You can never have enough storage’ is a mantra well known to home owners and kitchen designers everywhere. Of course, if you’re having a new kitchen fitted the design can take full account of your requirements, making sure that there’s space for everything you could possibly need. From built-in appliances to hidden corner cabinets and pull-out drawers and tables, contemporary kitchen design has all the kitchen storage solutions you could wish for.

But even if you don’t have the luxury of a new kitchen, there are lots of clever storage ideas you can use to make your life just that little bit easier. Here are our current favourites:

Hollow islands

A kitchen island can offer extra workspace, a breakfast bar or even a convenient location for a hob or sink. It can also double up as a storage unit. Add built-in storage into your island – open shelving for handy access to recipe books, or base level cabinets for everyday crockery, napkins and other kitchen or dining room accessories.

High and mighty

If you have high ceilings, rejoice at the extra storage space available up high. How about a stylish pulley action Victorian drying rack as the perfect out-of-the-way place to hang your pots and pans? Full height shelving and kitchen cupboards are another way to maximise the use of the space. Place little needed items onto the most hard-to-reach shelves and have a footstool on standby.

Clear the worktop

Worktop space is always at a premium, so why not think of genius ways to keep it clear? Go for hanging spice racks or suspended utensil or fruit baskets that are close to hand but don’t clutter up your precious work space.

One long shelf

A single run of one shelf, perhaps above your sink or cooker, and perhaps in a cool accent colour, can be both practical and stylish. Have everything you need close at hand, and display your beautiful kitchen objects at the same time. Add the odd cookbook or pot plant and adapt the space to reflect your personality.

Seats of power

Think kitchen seating, think storage space. Instead of regular chairs, a built-in storage bench not only makes the most of the available space in your breakfast area, it also offers valuable extra under-seat storage.

Forgotten spaces

Use the storage spaces you never knew you had! What about that skinny space between the fridge and the wall – perfect for trays and chopping boards. How about the side panels of your cabinets? Fix some hooks and hey presto, there’s somewhere handy to hang tea towels, aprons and oven gloves. And why not use the back of your cupboard doors? If you’re a home baker, try hanging up your go-to utensils or measuring spoons there instead of cramming them into overflowing drawers.

Wall displays

Who says storage has to be concealed? Original open shelving, cool plate racks, hooks and frames can all be used to stunning effect to show off your favourite china, cookware and kitchen supplies. With a bit of thought and a flair for design, you can have your own interactive wall art installation!

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