Cute and Quirky Storage Saving Ideas

Author: PriceK

If you have a small kitchen, particularly if you are a fan of kitchen gadgets, every inch of space is essential. However with current design techniques, there are a number of ways you can help to de-clutter your modern kitchen with new and innovative storage space!

Think outside the Box

Hanging baskets are good for more than just flowers. If you are a fan of fruit and like having a fruit bowl around, why not try out a hanging basket as a suspended alternative to a fruit bowl? It will keep the fruit all in one place and will save up crucial counter space for other gadgets.

Reusable bags are a fantastic invention as they serve as great holdalls in a similar way to plastic bags, but they are more sturdy and don’t look awful when out and about. Make use of the inside of cupboard doors by installing a few nails so that you can fill your reusable bags with crisps (less healthy) or rice crackers (more healthy).

A Magnetic Attraction

Tired of having to rummage through drawers for that bread knife or ladle that always seems to get stuck at the bottom of the drawer? Why not install a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall! It will keep your utensils out of the way and in easy reach, is easy to organise, and also frees up space in the drawers for other utensils.

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