Cute Touches for your Dining Room

Author: PriceK

Unlike the kitchen (where all the work is done), The dining room can often seem like the most formal room in the house, as it is only used on special occasions or when you have guests round. As such, it can sometimes feel a little ‘unwelcoming’ as you make do with older furniture and more archaic design styles.

So why not spruce up your dining room a little bit with these cute features?

Plush Seat Cushions

Seat cushions make every chair comfier! By grabbing plush seat cushions in a range of different colours and styles, you can duplicate the fashion of the season or add a little bit of colour to the room.

Napkin Holders

Napkin holders are a great way to spend a little money making the dining room look a lot more regal. Buy some cheap metal napkin holders and spray paint them gold or silver, to add more of a ‘christmassy’ look where needed. A small feature that makes a big difference!

Potted Plants

Adding life, even plant life, to a room can really help to brighten up the space. Small potted plants or free standing plants can really help to add an open air feel to the room and make it appear more homely. Just remember to maintain them throughout the year!

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