De-scaling Your Kettle

Author: PriceK

Whether you’re a fan of tea, coffee or gravy with your spuds or prefer a hot water bottle on a cold night, a kettle is one of our most used appliances in many kitchens. Most kettles get daily use, even if it just to help boil the pasta you are making for supper, but how often do we actually clean our kettles?

If you’ve never actually done it before you might not think that a kettle needs cleaning, but boiling the bacteria out of colder tap water every day can cause a build up of lime scale and you certainly don’t want that flaking off into your hot chocolate.

In order to properly de-scale your kettle kitchen appliance, simply fill it with equal parts malt vinegar and plain water and leave it to soak overnight. Then rinse it out and re-boil several times in order to help flush out the flaky vinegar residue left overnight. Voila! A spotless and good-as-new kettle, without having to actually buy one!

It is important to regularly de-scale your kettle in order to improve the life expectancy of the appliance as well as ensuring that you have regular clean water after boiling it!

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