6 steps to decluttering your kitchen worktop

Author: Claire

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The worktop must be one of the hardest working surfaces in your kitchen. From making sandwiches to food storage, showing off your latest kitchen gadget or keeping utensils handy, it’s used for everything that goes on in the kitchen. Unless you’re super organised and disciplined, the inevitable result will be a gradual build-up of clutter. What to do?

We’ve put together 6 steps to help you enjoy a newly organised and streamlined kitchen. Rediscover the beauty of sleek worktops in marble, granite, quartz or solid timber worktops and keep on top of worktop clutter, while liberating one of the most useful kitchen surfaces.

1. Clear out your pantry

It’s surprising how quickly cupboards can fill up. Now and again, it’s a good idea to take everything out and do a stock check. Are there any out-of-date packages, jars or tins that you should get rid of straight away? How many foodstuffs in the cupboard had you completely forgotten you had, or know you will never ever use? A donation to a foodbank or charity hamper collection could be the sensible answer. Clearing out the pantry will give create space for foodstuffs that you use every day, giving you a clear insight into what you already have and what to go shopping for.

2. Organise your cupboards

A place for everything and everything in its place, as they say. Untidy cupboards and drawers with all sorts of things spilling out make it difficult to find what you’re looking for and waste time. Be ruthless with utensils, knickknacks and accessories that never get used. How about an over-the-door organiser to double up on kitchen storage? Spice racks to stop you from rummaging around for your favourite spice? Extendable drawers with internal dividers or pullout larders with access from both sides? Take a look at our clever storage solutions for inspiration for your kitchen.

3. Hang items on the wall

Wall-mounted storage solutions are easy to install and clear your worktop in no time. Hanging up your cooking utensils, tea towels, aprons and oven gloves keeps them off your work surface but still close to hand. Why not showcase your expensive pans on a hanging rack above the cooker, freeing up cupboard storage space for other big items in the process? Consider hanging wire baskets for fresh fruit and veg, eggs or smaller kitchen utensils, and a retractable bookstand that can be neatly folded away after use.

4. Make the most of shelving

Fitting open shelving in your kitchen is a great way to free up premium worktop space while keeping all the things you need within easy reach. It’s also an opportunity to add a touch of style, by curating the items you put on display to complement your overall interior scheme or create a special feature. How about keeping shelves tidy by storing things in pretty rattan baskets? Or display your favourite china? Or grouping together favourite items of one colour? Floating shelves are especially good for a minimalist look.

5. Hide your appliances

Whether you’re a fan of freshly made pasta, morning smoothies, home-baked bread or toasted sandwiches, the appliances needed can take up large amounts of space on the worktop. Better to dedicate some cupboard space and keep your food processor, coffee maker or rice cooker out of sight for an instant decluttering effect. Plus, there’s an added benefit of storing appliances behind closed doors: they accumulate less dust and won’t need cleaning quite so often! Unless an item adds pizzazz to your kitchen ambience, put it away.

6. Don’t save crockery for the best

Who has the kitchen space to keep two sets of china – one for every day and one for special occasions? Much better to use your coveted favourite dinner set, nice glasses and silverware all the time and give away the unloved run-of-the-mill stuff to a charity shop. Not only will you get much more enjoyment from using stylish crockery, cutlery and glassware, but you’ll also be amazed at how much less cluttered your cupboards and worktops will feel!

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