Decorating your kitchen table

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Whether you have a breakfast island or a dining table, often it may sit rejected, until it needs to be used, and then it is only really used for eating. It can become a bit of an eyesore, if it is just left alone with no decorations adorning the table, so it is important to give it a little love every now and then!

A nice Vase of Flowers

Choose your flowers to suit the season, or get a set of artificial flowers that look genuine. You can have them placed in a small, nondescript vase or a delicate crystal vase, depending on the style of the rest of your kitchen. For modern, minimalist kitchens crystal or glass is recommended, whereas an ornate vase is a good idea for traditional kitchen design.


With a huge choice of design features, colours, materials and more, tablecloths can be almost anything you want them to be.

Choose from quirky repeated patterns to intricate swirl designs. Do you want a cloth table-covering or a plastic tablecloth? The choice is up to you. You can even combine cloths for a more classical effect.

Overhead Feature

Often used in dining rooms, chandeliers are a good way to draw attention to the dining room without having to clutter up the actual dining area. You can also draw attention to the centre of the room with strategically placed lighting or muted lighting.

Contrast the Colours

While less of a decorating tip and more of a design tip, by using contrasting colours on your kitchen island or dining table, it makes it stand out more, creating a bold effect in comparison to the rest of the room. If done right this can really help transform your table into the centrepiece of the kitchen. 

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