Design ideas for Kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets, when designed correctly, can add a lot of life and extra space to any kitchen. However if not properly thought about, they can look large and clunky, particularly in a small kitchen. It is important to be able to get the balance right if you want to create a stunning kitchen design that everyone will love. Why not try out these top tips?

Overhead for More Space

Unless you’re a gentle giant, overhead cabinets are incredibly useful as there is a lot of space that is not used just situated above your head. Overhead cabinets can be made of solid wood or have nice glass panels that show off all your crockery, depending on your personal preference. Mix and match different cabinet styles for a fun and fanciful design!

Choose Different Colours and Styles

A two toned cabinet style can really add some flair to your kitchen, and if you plan on filling the kitchen with cabinets, two different styles will work together to make the kitchen appear much less crowded. Floor cabinets of different heights also work well to break up the flow of the room and make it appear larger.

Restore Old Cabinets

Touch up some old cabinets with your own special features using recycled handles, as this gives a homely touch that will often be lost on most modern kitchens. There are a lot of uses for your old door and chest handles, so why not use them on some recycled kitchen cabinets?

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