Dining Etiquette Around the World – Part 2!

Author: PriceK

Different cultures all round the world have different eating habits and if it is dissimilar to what you are used to it can be easy to accidentally offend the natives when visiting a foreign country! It is important to remember that although every culture is different, try to remain polite and thankful at all times. Bon App├ętit!

When to use cutlery

In Thailand, often chopsticks are considered tacky so it is better to use a fork and spoon. However never put food into your mouth with a fork as a fork is only used to push food onto the spoon, strange!

In Chile it is far better to use cutlery even for simple meals such as chips and pizza as touching food with your bare hands is considered ill-mannered.

When not to use cutlery

In Mexico it is considered the norm if you use your hands to eat your meals. In fact, because many Mexican meals incorporate bread or chips into the recipe, it is actually easier to eat with your hands! Trying to eat with a knife and fork may come across as snobbish in Mexico.

In Ethiopia the practice of sharing food becomes apparent as individual plates are considered wasteful, so everybody just digs in from a single plate using their hands.

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