Dining Etiquette Around the World – Part 3

Author: PriceK

The third and final part of our hints and tips on dining etiquette around the world will cover paying for the bill and tipping. When it comes to getting the bill, sometimes we can argue with our friends about whether or not we should split it, or whether we should be polite and pay the whole bill. However in certain countries it is better to remember these tips!


You should never split the bill in France, offer to pay for it in its entirety or a friend will do it. It is considered rude to split a bill in France.


Leaving a tip is customary. Around 10% of the total bill is common, but it is up to your personal preference.


Normally the tip is included in the bill, however if you feel that you have received exceptional service it is customary to add 5-10% to the bill as a tip.

Japan and China

Never leave a tip as it can come across as rather rude. Tipping does occur in Japan but it is very rare and is generally frowned upon. In China most restaurants actually have a no tipping policy!


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