Dining Etiquette Around The World

Author: PriceK

Whether you are a fan of foreign cuisine or you are a regular holidaymaker in different countries across the globe, every culture has a specific set of culinary rules when it comes to sitting down and eating a meal. If you’re worried about being frowned upon by your foreign friends, or you just want to learn a little about how other cultures eat their meals, read on for these hints and tips!

In Italy it is customary to drink espresso after a meal, but to avoid milk based beverages as milk can hinder digestion after a meal, whereas espresso can help digestion.

If no cheese is offered to a meal it is a big faux pas if you ask for extra cheese and even worse if you request extra cheese on your pizza!

The tip is normally included in the bill, although it is customary to give a 5-10% tip for exceptional service.

In China there are no tipping policies, however it is important to belch loudly and to leave a little bit of food on your plate if you are full, as these are signs of good cooking and a full belly. Eat everything you pick up and don’t dig through the food for items in particular as it can be quite rude.

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