Don’t be Bullied When Renovating

Author: PriceK

Designing a new kitchen is not like going into a bookshop and buying a book to read while on holiday. In fact, it is more like planning for the holiday itself. It takes time, effort, planning, stress and sometimes arguments, particularly if you like things done a certain way. If you are getting a professional interior designer to help you with your kitchen, they will add their own flair to it but most importantly you need to be happy with what you are getting.

Plan the Space
Everything revolves around how often you intend to use the kitchen and what you want to use it for. You have a limited amount of space generally – unless you live in a country mansion – so you want to make every surface count. Try to plan your kitchen around your lifestyle, for example if you have very small children it won’t do to have a lot of glass cabinets holding all your crockery. Be sensible!

Don’t Buckle Under Pressure
Yes you will need to take the interior designer’s advice to a certain point but at the end of the day you know how and when you’ll be using your kitchen and you know how your family works. If your designer tries to talk you into buying the latest fashion trend or newest concept on the promise of a ‘great deal’ or otherwise, stick with your instincts.

Renovating and redesigning a kitchen takes time and planning. Take it slow and remember it is your kitchen and you’ll have to live with it!

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