Dusting your Kitchen

Author: PriceK

Our kitchens are one of the rooms in the house that gets daily use, whether you’re a professional chef or a microwave magician and we often take time out to sweep and wash the floors, clear out the cupboards and reorganise the fridge after a heavy Christmas season, but how often do we dust our kitchens?

Dusting the kitchen is incredibly important as due to all the ingredients floating around the preparation area, grease and refuse can stick to cabinets and ceilings, creating more dust which eventually ends up in a rather neglected looking kitchen.

Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Some kitchens have those pesky kitchen cabinets that stop half a foot before they reach the ceiling.

Try to get on a stepladder to dust these areas at least once every few months otherwise dust, spiders and other creepy crawlies can build up, or better yet, get a professional kitchen designer in to help you get rid of that unwanted gap between the cabinet and the ceiling!


Behind The Fridge

Have you ever dared to venture behind the fridge? It is a good idea if you do! Dusting behind the fridge helps to keep the coils free of debris, increasing the fridges lifespan and reducing the chances of it malfunctioning. Just remember to make sure that the fridge is turned off before you start dusting!

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