Easy Cutting Fruit and Vegetables

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When you’re working within a time limit, particularly with cooking, there can be times when a little slip up or a misstep can cause an accident or injury. Often the offending injury is nothing more than a cut thumb or a little burn, but still this can be annoying and it does hurt!

There are several vegetables which aren’t quite shaped for easy cutting; however there is a tip that you can use to make it far easier to cut those vegetables without them rolling around and without having to get a few plasters ready!

First cut a thin slice along the length of the vegetable to make a flat side. Place this side down onto the cutting board. Slice and dice as you like as the flat side prevents the vegetable from rolling around!

With avocados, trying to cut them after you’ve peeled them can often just get unnecessarily messy. Cut the avocado in half and then after scooping the stone out, simply cut little wedges out of the skin which you can then peel off in one go or simply scoop the avocado out with a spoon. The wedges will make neat little slices once you’ve removed the peel!

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