Eating Healthy on a Budget

Author: PriceK

It can be hard to eat healthy, particularly when you’re on a budget. Often you see celebrity diet books that are a great idea in theory, however a lot of their ingredients are not commonly found in supermarkets or if they are, they’re pretty expensive. This can make dieting and eating healthy a lot more painful than it needs to be as it feels as if you’re being punished for doing the right thing.

While frozen is cheaper, try fresh when you can

Greens are an essential part of eating healthy. Broccoli, cabbage and parsley are great vegetables that can be bought frozen or fresh. While frozen foods are cheaper, try to buy fresh every now and then. Learn to spot the deals and grab them while you can!

Avoid Cereals

Cereals in general can eat up quite a bit of your grocery money as well as your kitchen cabinet space! however the cheaper alternative often tastes like cardboard or worse. Swap your cereal out with porridge or a piece of toast with a sliced banana on top of it.

Fish and Turkey!

Seafood is a great way to incorporate healthy, natural oils into your diet and often it can be quite cheap. Try a variety of different fish and see which one suit you best. As a healthy and cheap alternative to chicken, turkey is highly recommended as it has less fat than chicken while still having a great taste.

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