Ensuring the Longevity of your Dishwasher

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As one of the best modern inventions for the kitchen for a long time, your dishwasher often gets a lot of work, especially if you’re part of a growing (and hungry) family. However, it can get ignored and even abused when used every day, so it is important to take good care of your dishwasher if you don’t want it to break! Take a look at our top tips for helping your dishwasher run better.

Run it Empty with Vinegar

If you’re worried about your dishwasher not running properly, give it an empty rinse with a cup of vinegar tossed into the bottom of the dishwasher. It helps to clean out the whole dishwasher as well as getting rid of those annoying food particles to make your dishwasher last longer.

Clean the Seals and Clean the Trap

As your dishwasher gets regular use, you may get a build-up in the dishwasher trap and around the doors. Grab the tray and get rid of all the build-up with warm soapy water, as well as running a warm cloth around the seals in the doors before drying them thoroughly, and your dishwasher will run better, for longer!

Check the Heat and the Hardness of your Water

Between 55 and 75 degrees is the ideal temperature for cleaning dishes, so make sure your dishwasher is washing at this setting and not any lower or higher. Any lower and it won’t clean properly, any higher and the water will dry too quickly. Also check the hardness of your water, as hard water can be tougher on dishes. Use a softener in accordance with your local water hardness.

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