Essential Student Kitchen Utensils

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Last week we had a look at a few essential utensils for any kitchen, however when it comes to student kitchens these can differ wildly from the norm.

Often students are finding their feet in a new and unfamiliar world and this can affect their eating habits. Many students will opt for instant microwaveable meals and packet noodles, however every now and then there comes an adventurous student who attempts to make all their meals.

So what are the essential utensils every student should have in their kitchen?

Can/Bottle Opener

No student would be caught dead without a bottle opener, but a dual bottle opener and can opener can often be a lifesaver! Great for beans, quick soups and even spaghetti hoops.

Microwaveable Bowls

Always an essential part of a student kitchen. Meals will probably often be heated in the microwave which is where microwaveable kitchenware comes in very handy!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

It may sound obvious but many potentially good recipes have been ruined without the addition of a bit of salt and pepper. Salt and pepper adds garnish to an otherwise simple dish and is a great way to add flavour without breaking the bank.

Toastie Maker

This is not technically a utensil but it is a godsend for student kitchens. A quick ham and cheese toastie makes a great lunch when you’re on a budget or if you’ve only got ten minutes until your next lecture!

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