Most Expensive Kitchen Appliances

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A complete kitchen renovation can cost between £1,000 and £100,000. While on average the amount spent on renovations is around £8,000, some people prefer their tastes to be a little more specific, so they tend to splash out on intricate kitchen worktop designs and expensive, glamorous accessories. So what are the most expensive kitchen appliances you can get?

Wine Station

Costing upwards of £3000 why not dazzle your guests with your very own wine station? With a beautiful display window and the option of pouring out both half and full glass measures, the station is temperature controlled and can keep wine for up to two months after you’ve opened it. Stunning.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

With a traditional wood fired pizza oven complete with spatula and broom to stoke the coals this pizza oven is any Italian foodie’s dream.

However it can pack a hefty price punch at around £6,000 to be designed and made to fit your kitchen.

Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine

We all love a bit of coffee, but do we love it enough to spend upwards of £12,000 on a single coffee machine? The high price tag on this espresso machine may be because it is so rare; in fact only 100 were made and one was even given to a former Pope!

These stunning appliances are bound to create the food of the gods, but for us mere mortals who would still like to create delicious dishes without having to sell off an arm and a leg for the appliance, Price Kitchens have a stunning range of kitchen appliances from top suppliers such as Neff,  ElectroluxBoschSiemens and more.

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