Exposed Brickwork and Timber Beams to Add that Classical Touch

Author: PriceK

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your kitchen? Why not get rid of that unseemly drywall in order to highlight the beautiful exposed brickwork or timberwork of your home?

Homes that have exposed brickwork walls or beams that are in plain sight often have an added level of charm to them as it provides a subtle hint as to the level of work and effort that went into crafting our homes.

This is often beneficial in older or historic buildings as often the drywall cover up tends to look out of place and clunky in a classic timber-framed house or a converted barn for example.

Plus, as exposed beams are beautiful in their own sense, we can work with many design styles and often add that little bit extra to any kitchen as it denotes a ‘homely’ or ‘traditional’ air of the classic kitchen that we often see in history books.

Price Kitchens offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets and kitchen worktop styles designed to fit perfectly with exposed brickwork and exposed timber beams, adding a classic touch to a very modern kitchen, plus with a variety of lighting fixtures available you are sure to find the perfect mood lighting to highlight your dream kitchen.

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