Families Encouraged to create Healthy Recipes

Author: PriceK

Diabetes UK is encouraging families throughout Worcestershire to get creative in the kitchen in a children’s recipe competition. The competition’s aim is to get parents and children working together to create altogether healthier and more nourishing meals in a big to reduce the amount of sugar they ingest daily.

There are countless fun and creative recipes that make good use of natural sugars in order to create delicious snacks and meals, so it is important to make children aware of these recipes. As cooking can be both fun and educational, it is important to get both parents and children involved.

It is a sad fact that in today’s technologically advanced and ‘immediate’ society, the modern kitchen can feel a little underused, pushed aside for instant microwave meals and Chinese take-outs. Diabetes UK hopes to change all this by encouraging families to try out new recipes and create their own, by building up hype for this competition.

The charity is going to choose their four favourites, whereby the winner will then be chosen by the public online. The grand prize is a Red Letter Days experience for all the family to enjoy, so it is certainly a competition worth entering.

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