Freezing Food

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Whether your kitchen is large or small, traditional or contemporary, with beautiful designs from Price Kitchens we can help you find the perfect kitchen for you. When it comes to freezing food, it is important to know what is going to freeze well and what you might be better of making into a meal to eat that day, as you really don’t want to fill your freezer up with food only to have it turn sour and stink your house out in a few days.

Although freezing food helps to slow the growth of bacteria, it doesn’t stop it altogether, so it is best to get frozen food in the freezer as soon as you get back home from shopping in order to best preserve it.

The faster you freeze fresh food after purchase, the longer it will last.

When placing things in the freezer it is essential to wrap them up properly to avoid the food from stinking out the freezer or from absorbing the flavours of other items in the freezer.

Use sealable food bags or Tupperware boxes and make sure to label them clearly, including the date it was made and whether it is cooked or ‘fresh’.

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