Gingham – What is it and what can it do for your Kitchen

Author: PriceK

There are a wide range of different materials frequently used in the kitchen, from laminate to marble to cloth materials such as gingham and tartan. Take gingham for example; what is it and what can it do in terms of your kitchen design?

What is it?

Gingham is known as a lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold colour. This can be anything from plain black and white, to more bold colours such as bright turquoise blue or a more muted brown or orange, and is a classic material used in many traditional kitchens.

What can it do?

While if over-used, gingham can appear a little cliché or even tacky, but if used sparsely and in the right context, it can add some quaint and classic charm to any kitchen. A couple of nice subtle gingham hand towels are a great way to decorate the cooker, or why not use a cute gingham teapot covering? Try to avoid larger pieces such as table-cloths as this can edge towards the ‘tacky’ side of gingham.

Gingham is a beautifully colourful material that can really help to spruce up your kitchen. And by buying only accessories, you don’t have to break the bank in improving your current kitchen décor.

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