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Like any good chef, chances are that you have a folder full or a shoebox full of newspaper and magazine clippings with invaluable hints, tips and recipes on which herbs and spices really make the meal, how to perfectly poach your eggs, or how to make the best soufflé. Snippets of wisdom like these are the reason we turn to our grandmothers for advice on cooking and baking.

However now with the internet it is becoming far easier to share this information and it is more readily available for even the most novice of cooking assistants. At Price Kitchens we understand how important your kitchen can be to your home life, so helpful hints and tips like these can make all the difference between success and failure in the kitchen.

Baking Preparation

Whether you’re baking a cake, making a shortbread or a cheesecake or simply making an omelette or two, to help prepare the ingredients, leave the butter and eggs at room temperature overnight the night before you plan to cook.

Garlic Smell

To avoid getting that garlicky smell on your chopping board and kitchen knives, place the cloves inside a re-sealable plastic bag and crush them gently with the flat of your knife. It will save on washing up, and reduce the amount of garlic smell you get on your hands!

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